Olive T -who’s become an increasingly visible draw at local dance spots over the past year, shows a command of house and techno of all eras that is so fluent it can seem offhanded, and she weaves in plenty else, besides.” - Michaelangelo Matos

The New Yorker


Olive T has been immersed in the NY dance scene for over a decade as a performer, producer, and DJ. A love of classic disco and house, flavored with a diverse knowledge of music, gives her a distinct style. Her DJing can be heard at venues such as Elsewhere, House of Yes, Nowadays, Le Bain, on The Lot Radio, and over international airwaves (NTS/BBC), as well as in various clubs throughout Europe. The production side of Olive T varies as well, with single and remix releases on Nervous records, 2MR, On Loop Records, SOS, Love Injection + various compilations and through her bandcamp. Musically, she aims to weave a musical tale that is influenced by history and technical capability and to surprise and please listeners anywhere.


Music 🔊➡ https://olivet.bandcamp.com/ https://soundcloud.com/olivetonic

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